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At Solar Broker® We Don't Bring You Leads We Bring You Customers.

Ultra High Performance

The high efficiency solar modules that are used in Our Hyper X2 systems are rated in the top 1/4% of all the modules that are listed on the California Energy Commision's list of approved modules.

$0 Down Solar Loans

You won't find expensive leases and PPAs that force your customer to give up your financial incentives on this website. We offer real zero down financing and full system ownership.

Elegant Glass On Glass Design

Hyper X22 solar modules use esthetically pleasing ultra thin, see through, glass on glass solar modules to enhance your customer's home's curb appeal.

Who Is Solar Broker® And What Do We Do ?


Hyper X System

Solar Broker™ was created by the founders of Solar Broker, Inc., one of the oldest names in the PV industry, for the single purpose of countering the well established threat posed to the market share of the local solar contractor industry, by the Wall Sreet backed solar lease and PPA companies.

The local solar contractor market has steadily decreased ever since the solar lease and PPA industry entered the market back in 2008. Unfortunately for thousands of local contractors across the country, this has meant a severe reduction in installations due to the aggressive marketing tactics that are used by the leasing companies. Many local solar contractors have left the field entirely.

With military style precision, the solar leasing company's primary mission is a complete takeover of the market. One major solar leasing firm is now actually boasting that they are closing a new sale every 5 minutes. Their efforts simply won't end until every home and business in America has a leased solar system attached to it its rooftop. If your business hasn't yet been negatively impacted by this aggressive invasion, then it's just a matter of time before it will be.

Door To Door Solar Lease Salesman
Running a team of door to door canvassers, telephone solicitors, direct mail campaigns, radio and TV commercial, billboards, and online ads is very expensive. It has been estimated that the solar lease and PPA companies are spensing as much as $2,500 to aquire each and every customer. Of course with their multi million dollar marketing budget, spending $2,500 in per customer acquisition costs is but a drop in the bucket for the leasing companies.

So how does the local solar contactor with a limited marketing budget compete ? The answer, Solar Broker®. The creators of solar broker recognized the threat posed by the leasing companies when they first came on the scene. For the past 16 years we have focused our efforts on enhancing our expertise at reaching a nationwide clientele through the use of proprietary, non conventional means of customer aquisition.

We do not cold call our customers, nor do we use any of the traditional methods that are emplyed by the leasing company. Every one of our customers has contacted us directly, never the other way around. Because we offer higher performance, name brand PV equipent at dramatically lower prices, our customers aggresively seek out our products and services. Our efforst have paid off handsomeely and we are now literaly drowing in quote requests from every part of the country.

And that's where you come in. Solar Broker
® is not a contractor. We do not perform installations. We specilize in the procurement, design, sale and distribution of PV systems and we refer the installation of our systems out to licensened, experienced PV installation contractor like yourself, all acroos the country.

In essence, we bring ready to buy, customers to the table that are pre approved for financing, and our nationwide team of referred contractors perform the installation.Simple. 17 years of successfully selling our higher performance systems in this manner all across the country, proves that our business model not only works, but our incredible growth is a testament to the many benefits that are provided to our referred contractors and consumers.

Hyper X Solar Monitoring

Here at Solar Broker® our number one goal is to get you out of the expensive business of marketing and back on the roof, doing what you do best, all for a very affordable fee that is meant to enhance your bottom line, not subtract from it.

There are no upfront fees, no franchise fees and no advertising fees. Solar Broker takes care of all of the marketing, system design, equipment sales and $0 down loan financing. The best part is that you don't pat a penny until you've completed your installation and have been paid by your customer.

Unlike the hundreds of simple lead generation companies that sell leads that have been previously sold over and over to multiple dealers, our referred customers, have been quoted for the materials and are ready to buy. All that's needed to complete the sale is a quote from you, the installation contractor

Why Choose Solar Broker® ?

Compare any lead generation company on the market. We are the only firm that designs the customer's system for you and provides you with a customer who is ready to sign your contract !

Higher Performance !

Performance is not measured by high efficiency alone. It's  also measured by a solar panel's PTC rating and it's temperature coefficient. and Hyper X2 offers it all.

Third party solar panel PTC ratings are used by the State of California as well as other States to determine real world performance. With a 92.88% PTC to STC ratio and a -0.31%/ºC temperature coefficient, Hyper X2's real world energy production beats the leasing compay's offerings hands down.

We'll Keep You Busy !

Solar Broker® has a long history of quickly taking companies with no installations booked, to an installation backlog. with over 900 active websites under our control,  we can litteraly flood your bisiness with rady to buy customers that are eager to recieve an installation quote.

And again, unlike the lead generation companies that charge you for their leads whether you close a sale or not, you owe us nothing until you have completed your installation.

Price/Performance Leader !

We're the nation's leader when it comes to offering the very finest, high performance products at a price that no solar leasing or PPA company on the planet can touch.

On many occasions we have actually had customers who have already signed their lease contracts, contact us and immediately cancel their contract with the leasing company and procced with us and our referred contractors (you) instead.

  • "Service was excellent price was right. Got timely responses.I will definately recommend this business."Jillian S. Mountain View, CA
  • "I started searching for do it yourself solar packages and through several referrals heard about Solar Home. I saved about $10,000 from quotes provided by solar companies that would install."Greg A. Las Vegas, NV